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Published on December 26th, 2013 | by kyle1637


The so many details of Toro Y Moi

So in the last year – actually ever since I first decided to give a listen to the 2011 album, “Underneath the Pine” – I’ve had a goto artist for my non-hip-hop, non-mainstream, something-different moods. I think my preference for this artist stems from my love of trip-hop acts like Portishead, various electronic indie acts and other abstract sounds. In fact a lot of early Hip-Hop that I grew up on in the 90s was based on pretty abstract vibes. From Das Efx to A Tribe Called Quest (Just ask Kamaal the Abstract). But to be clear – this is definitely not 90s Hip-Hop.

1980s synthpop meets dream pop […] heavy effects processing, looping, sampling, synthesizers

And although I say that – when it really became clear as to why I liked this artist’s music so much, was when I discovered what his influences were: Animal Collective, Daft Punk and… Jay Dilla!? An electronic artist influenced by one of the greatest and most influential boom bap beatmakers? It all made sense. Chaz Bundick better known to many as Toro Y Moi, has created an ever evolving sound mash-up out of varying but highly complementary styles. The result is incredible and if you have an open mind about music, and don’t mind when the genres you like bleed into one another, I can’t recommend this enough.

The genre/movement he is categorized in: chillwave. Last.FM defines chillwave as 1980s synthpop meets dream pop often characterized by heavy effects processing, looping, sampling, synthesizers – all mixed together. I can see/hear all these elements in Toro’s music. What I also hear is a vibe that sounds a lot like, a genre born purely out of how accessible it is for someone to produce and distribute their own music online, “bedroom-pop”. This observation is just based on the fact that Toro’s vocals are as abstract as his production. If you are only interested in the “Mariah Carey and above” level of singing, maybe this is not for you. But if you can vibe with the crooning of a good alternative-ish styled artist, keep reading.

So if you are *that* listener – I have to tell you – you suck.

On Jan 22, 2013, Toro released the follow up to his highly acclaimed album “Underneath The Pine”, entitled “Anything in Return”. The first single from this project, “So Many Details”, is one I immediately vibed to and excellently fit into the mood I mentioned before (you know? that rejection of all hip-hop and mainstream mood (happens pretty often)). It starts with a bassline and drum pattern that immediately evokes the feeling of heading down a Trip-Hop styled lane. But through added synthetic yet soulful melodies it manages to firmly detour onto chillwave road.

Toro is an artist unlike many out these days. And for that reason I almost understand why a casual listener, not looking to take too many risks with their ipod selection, might not rock with it. So if you are *that* listener – I have to tell you – you suck. If you’re not that listener go check out “Anything in Return” and when you finish that go back and check “Underneath the Pine” as well. Great additions to any sonic collection claiming versatility.

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