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Published on December 26th, 2013 | by Kris


Review: Emilio Paredes

One of my favorite parts about writing for this site is being able to see a lot of fantastic musical talent. What never ceases to amaze me is the different forms that the talent takes. Every once in a while I get to come across a talent like Emilio Paredes and all I can say is “DAAAAAAMMNNN”. This kid has a solid flow, real mature style, and clear ambition. All of this at the ripe old age of 17. Say it with me now….DAAAAAAMMNNN.

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Emilio, if you are reading this, please don’t take my comment about your age as any disrespect. In fact, much respect. The lyrics and musical talent you exhibit at your age is already above what I’ve seen from much more seasoned artists. Heck, I remember when I was 17. I couldn’t put rhymes like this together if my life depended on it. The truth is, as you make your way through life, your personal experiences are bound to make you grow and change with time. I only see further craziness coming out of the skill you have with age. Keep me in the loop on how you do.

The song I will be focusing my review on is entitled “Growing Apart Remix”, but I highly recommend you listen to the other videos on Emilio’s YouTube channel. This one in particular is a thoughtful track with a mellow beat that gets you in that contemplating mood. There are many moments in this one where Emilio’s maturity can be clearly seen on display. Lines like, “I sit alone quoting Joshua 1:9, the lord is everywhere I go, just keep my head up I’ll be fine” hit early on and let you know that this track is a personal view into a man’s soul. We go even deeper with “In five years will I be doin’ what I plan, will I be doin’ what I can, or am I just another man”. That right there is the level of contemplation that a mid-life crisis is all about. Keep that focus man and you’ll be just fine. Lots of us didn’t start thinking like that until our mid-twenties.

The other part that completely blew me away was the video. Watch it and think for a sec. This dude is 17 years old, doing all he can to get his voice heard, and he produces one of the most honest videos I have ever seen by a new comer. It’s him, the mic, all in his bedroom, his domain…his lab. And he isn’t playing anything up either. He is just there for you, spittin’ into the mic. No flash or posing. Just the man. It’s this type of fearless showing that makes it easy to get behind him.

Emilio is based in Northern California. He has only been working on his music for 2 years but, as you can see, is already showing mad talent. He does all of his own producing and marketing. In fact, he just recently finished his first mix tape and is ready to take the world by storm.  You can follow his progress over at his facebook page.

Bottom line, if you are into conscious Hip Hop from an artist that isn’t afraid to open his soul, Emilio Paredes is for you. Time to get behind real talent and support what is sure to be a very bright future for this young man.

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