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The BEATDown: All Electronic

Welcome to another entry of the BEATdown, where online beats and the beatmakers who create them get their time to shine. This week we will be moving the focus away from the raw uncut hip-hop vibes and travelling down an all new heavily synthesized electronica styled lane.

In the last few years crossing over hip-hop with sounds from House music, dub-step and other electronic sub-genres has been a not too well kept secret amongst hip-hop trendsetters. It looks like all producers/taste makers nowadays are trying to find that next perfect sound/mix to make the new half-way hipster hip-hop fan approve. From the Timbalands to the Kid Cudis to the Flo Ridas, everyone’s crossing over hip-hop with electronic dance music these days.

So here’s some quality electronic beats I’ve come across in the last little bit on the world wide webz. As usual, if you’re a beatmaker and want to showcase your stuff on the beatdown hit up our submission page.

1. “Let Go” by The Grei Show

The Grei Show is now officially the first artist to be mentioned in a second article on Powder My Noise and this is definitely no coincidence. The production featured on his soundcloud consistently impresses and Let Go is no exception. A constantly moving beat with a solid bassline and creative use of vocal chopping, The Grei Show is the perfect producer to kick off this electronic chapter of the BEATDown.

2. “Aspirin” by SorG

This one takes a little while to kick in, starting out with an abstract glitch-hop style. Once it drops, the fat synthesized bass brings an electronic crossed over with Westcoast beat making flavor. A great combination. Beatmaker SorG is from Besançon, France and describes his style as an explosive mixture of HipHop and Electro. A claim consistent with the complex and original style shown in this production.

3. “Snow Requiem” by Katsuhiro Nagasawa

Admittedly this one is a little odd, but that’s part of its charm (bare with me). This mysterious Electronic pop production from Tokyo resident Katsuhiro Nagasawa just has such a cool (almost cold) vibe to it, it had to make the list. On his soundcloud bio it says he play’s the guitar and makes songs with Cakewalk Sonar. Straight to the point. I dig it.

4. “Training” by d!one

Now when it comes to Electronic beats with all the grinds and edges the genre is known for, it’s often the case that you just can’t picture the addition of a vocal track, let alone a rapper’s vocal track. But in this case, it honestly feels made to order. Training by d!one is the perfect example of a crossover electronic beat meets a hip-hop spitters beat. If they’re up to it.

5. “The Process” by Fusk Asker

OK – This wouldn’t be a true electronic list without a beat that screams pump your fist right? This is usually a tell tale sign of House music (insert Jersey Shore joke). But when that synth melody drops – well the only word I can use to describe it is “mean”. So mean, infact I think you would have to dance “mean” to this. Intensity + mean dancing = perfect for a hip hop crossover. Trust me.

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