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Published on December 22nd, 2013 | by Kris


Review: Arsena Schroeder

Alicia Keys…that is the first thing I thought where I listened to Arsena Schroeder’s “My Heart Cries Out”.  She isn’t Alicia Keys.  I can even see why some people would say that she does not sound like her.  But, in my opinion Arsena has the same qualities that make Alicia Keys so great.  This includes a fantastic voice, genuine interest in making quality music, and passion that can be felt through the music.

Arsena Schroeder is a North Carolina based artists.  She has been performing from the early age of 5 and has performed all over the North Carolina area, anywhere from coffee shops to churches.  Entertainment seems to have been in her blood, with various works done in acting and modeling throughout her life.  Arsena quotes Lauryn Hill as her main influence, with a particular passion for acoustic guitar tracks.  You need to be able to convince everyone that you have real meaning behind your music if you want that style.  As my opening suggested, there is plenty of that in Arsena’s music.

“My Heart Cries Out” is a love song.  The first thing I noticed is the fantastic musical arrangement.  We are talking about a real band rocking out, with the mixing done specifically to put an accent on that very fact.  There is a bit of a reggae feel to the track, which is mostly calm and steady throughout.  My only complaint is that the music seems to sometimes overpower the vocal track, which is a shame, because the vocals are fantastic.  The emotions of yearning and love are clearly expressed through her words and through the delivery.  You can feel the vocals.  Going back to my comparison, that is one of the most amazing things about Alicia Keys.  When you listen to her live, you feel something.  She engages you into her performance in a way that stays with you long time after the show is done.  Arsena has just this type of quality.


Arsena is planning to begin touring throughout the year.  She has shows booked in a number of places around the US so hit up her site for details.  Her site also has links to buy her album as well as some videos showing her performing live.  If you didn’t believe the soul part, go see for yourself.

We are listening to some serious quality right now.  Arsena Schroeder will make it big.  It is just a matter of time before her star raises.  Remember that you can say you heard her first.

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