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Published on December 19th, 2013 | by mark


Musicology 101: My soundtrack to the 1980's.

Wow, big topic. Being that I and some (not sure how many) of my fellow bloggers are children of the 1980′s. I thought it would be cool to take you on a musical journey through my soundtrack of the decade that brought us big hair, the compact disc (CD for you youngsters), Gremlins, Transformers, The A-Team, Back to the Future, Wrestlemania, the last time 3 Canadian hockey teams won the Stanley Cup in the same decade (Edmonton, Montreal and Calgary) and of course Alf. I digress. So sit back, relax and enjoy my homage to the decade of excess.

10) Addicted to love (Robert Palmer, 1985) = Awesome video, awesome artist! A true gem of the decade, in the midst of the new wave craze, this stone cold classic came from an artist with a vast range but used his charm and his delivery to score a knock out.

9) In the air tonight (Phil Collins, 1981) = This song made me a fan of not just his drumming capabilities but the mood of his tracks. They can be very light to this extremely emotional track, unreal drum solo caps it off for me, I always blare it in my car.

8) Burning down the house (Talking Heads, 1983) = New wave with elements of funk, pretty underestimated group musically. Can sometimes be overlooked in the broad spectrum of the decade to bigger acts but for me, still is an epic track.

7) Rock the casbah – (The Clash, 1982) = Punk, reggae, rock, rebellious. All words used to describe this group that played hard but for this one scored a huge hit along with more fans as there reach grew further with greater success.

6) Redemption Song – (Bob Marley & The Wailers, 1980) = The greatest third world star ever, delivering one of his most powerful messages in a stripped down, acoustic performance. Unreal talent! Not his most rocking stuff but definitely will stand the test of time in terms of its lyrical content, which still rings true today.

5) Purple rain – (Prince, 1984) = Prince at the apex of his game, no other example of his greatness shines through brighter than this, his opus!

4) If you don’t know me by now (Simply Red, 1989) = A Teddy Pendergrass classic that felt updated but still respectful of the original.

3) Forever young – (Rod Stewart, 1988) = Rod belts it out with heart and a song that reaches the heart strings, I love this song.  As I age it gains more meaning!

2) I still haven’t found what I’m looking for – (U2, 1987) = For me, the best U2 track I have ever heard and showed their depth.

1) Your love – (The Outfield, 1986) = In so many soundtracks, not the number on most lists but my favorite nonetheless. A rock song with a great feel to it albeit in a totally rad, 1980′s sort of way. Well thanks to all of you for reading the review, way cool of you to do so and I will catch you later…

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