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Published on December 1st, 2012 | by Kris


My My My – Real New Rock

Anyone who knows me understands my feelings on new rock. It’s not always my thing. Some of the Rock/Pop mixtures out in the world make my ears bleed. It’s true. Thankfully, this is not one of those examples. My My My is definitely a new rock group. It’s just one that makes good music.

This review focuses on the song Hard Kisses, which really can be summed up as a modern rock love song. The lyrics in many ways insinuate a less than perfect relationship, though one that is clearly possible because of parallels. In fact, it’s the presentation through the video as well as the arrangement of the lyrics that really helps to set this in place. Both of the vocalists (Sarah Snow and Russel Baylin) work very well off of each other through the track. They both share the chorus in a very interesting way; sometimes in sync while at other times going in completely different directions. While the intertwining of two different voices (sometimes saying completely different things) could work to make a track un-listenable, the opposite is true. It’s that mix that really helps to give the song life. As anyone who has ever been in a relationship would now, both of you are not always on the same page. Please pay attention to the video as well. It’s by all means simple, but again, effective at setting the theme of the song as whole. It was actually illustrated by Sarah, and the personal feel really comes through.

The music itself is a fast paced melody that gets you engaged with some clever early piano and bass work. The pace stays the same throughout the rest of the song, with smaller accents of guitar and keys (which the video appropriately points out as making “pretty sounds”).  On the first listen through, I was concerned the music would overwhelm some of the lyrics (common pet peeve of mine) but it just further compliments the feel of the song. Overall, the impression remains of a sound that tries to live in that crazy in-between of feel good love track and crazy relationship train wreck. In the end, it works because it’s real.

My My My is a Chicago based group that are making some serious noise. Another example of musicians finding each other through the wonders of the internet, they are proof that you don’t have to have a complicated past to make great music together. They are about to release their next single December 4th, Starting to Change. In conjunction with this, they will also be starting a crowd funding campaign to help raise some money for their endeavors. Their site can be found here.


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  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks again for the great review, Kris! Our crowd-funding campaign is underway and we’re hoping to record more music that you’ll enjoy!

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