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Published on May 8th, 2013 | by mark


Katchafire: Groove Again Made Me Groove!

Smooth reggae, quite clean, similar to UB40. That is the best way I can describe the all Maori band from New Zealand. Formed in 1997 as a tribute band to the most famous reggae band of all time, Bob Marley & The Wailers. Their name is derived from an early Wailer release named Catch a Fire from1973, which I found kind of cool. I heard about them via the VP records website, which is featuring their greatest hits album to be released May 21, 2013. I heard the snippet and then the full version of “Groove Again” and fell in love with this track.

So many things can be mentioned about this song. Obviously, the lovers rock set up is utterly perfect and draws many inflections from rhythm and blues to the table. The melodies are soulful and heavier than typical reggae varieties. The work done here by the vocalists match the direction of the music and bridge together a complete song. No cracks in the congruency, this is not a slow driven sweet reggae track trying to be anything else and what a rewarding experience for the listener. Fantastic music that feels genuine and from the heart. I dug this track from the minute it hit my ear drums.

Originally released in 2010 on the On the Road Again album, this stand out track has been included on the best of collection for a good reason, it is utterly fantastic in every way and a great introduction to reggae music of the South Pacific.

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