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Published on May 27th, 2013 | by Kris


Crowdfunding Corner: iamthemorning

The visuals have a lot to do with how a kickstarter campaign can be perceived.  Whether for better or worse, a lot of the initial clicks start with me seeing a picture that catches my eye.  All those marketing people seem to be on to something.  Anyway, that is how I happened upon the campaign for the band iamthemorning.  The picture seemed moody, mysterious, and interesting, all of which turned out to be quite appropriate for representing the music overall.

iamthemorning call themselves a band “that combines progressive rock, neo-classical music, ethnic influences and sweet female vocals”.  Pretty neat mix right?  Well, to try to explain it in “music for the common man” terms, it’s basically a moody mix of classical instruments, playing over a very active piano line, and vocals that (for one reason or another) make you think there is a deeper meaning behind every sound.  It’s quite effective, though I don’t know if I would call it everyday music.  I think this sound requires a specific mood.  It can get a bit heavy, though iamthemorning does a pretty good job of switching up their sounds throughout the tracks.

One interesting example of their music is the track Circles.  This is one of those tracks I referred to as having something deeper to tell.  It’s definitely heavier on the classical components and has a pretty strong violin chores.  All that being said, I think one of the best features of the song is the voice of Marjana.  I feel like she would fit very well in any type of music, which is probably why it seems to complement the relatively heavy classical accompaniment.

Another solid track is entitled touching II.  Here they leave the piano sounds and focus more on a string focused arrangement.  The amazing vocals are again on display as the majority of the song’s subdued melodies give it free reign into the listener’s ear.  This changes a bit in the song i.b.too, which has the heaviest rock feel to it.  Here the pace is a bit quicker and we get a solid taste of guitar throughout the song.

iamthemorning is a Russian based band that is looking to go to London to record their second album.  As of the writing of this article, they have met their goal already (yay!).  However, I still felt like there is definitely an audience for the music that these fine musicians are putting together.  The campaign still has 20 days to go and there are so interesting rewards, such as the album delivered on a wooden USB drive.  60 euro donation includes a wooden casket (?), though I think that should be read more as a box.

I think that iamthemorning is the type of music that we need in our lives.  Especially as the summer hits and we all get in that Top 40 mode, it is sometimes very refreshing to hear emotional music that relies on a wide range of musical instruments and a little bit of creativity.  Give these guys a listen and please support original talent.

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