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Published on April 15th, 2013 | by Kris


Crowdfunding Corner: Infinite Third

One of my favorite things about Kickstarter is the fact that you can find some very interesting sounds just by browsing the various projects they have. Just by spending a few minutes looking through the most popular campaigns you are sure to find artists from all sorts of different genres, with different levels of experience, with a slightly different message, but all doing what they love. Sometimes, you find something that you never heard before. Today, I found Infinite Third.

More commonly known as Billy Mays III, Infinite Third is a very unique artist. All of his music is different distortions and adjustments to the sounds of a guitar. I think the best way to describe the music is mellow but cerebral. Infinite Third mentions that his fans usually listen to his music while trying to relax. I can definitely see that. However, to me personally the music began to generate different feelings as well. Some of the sharper tracks gave off a bit of an uneasiness to them. That isn’t to say that the music was bad. But listening to these songs felt more like an “experience” to me as opposed to a sit back and enjoy kind of activity. It felt like another example of the vast range that music can cover if you have an artist that is willing to play with sounds. I didn’t really walk away with one favorite track, but I really do feel like if you want to get a good sense of what this music is all about you need to listen to a few samples.

Infinite Third’s campaign is all about getting his last CD (eardrops) and his upcoming one on physical discs. He will be going on tour and, rightfully so, is looking to have some physical copies to sell to help cover the costs. The campaign has an awesome video and Billy is very easy to like. He loves what he is doing and there is definitely an appreciation for the money he is receiving as a result of this work.

The reward tiers are fairly well done, ranging from $10 to $555 dollars. The $111 tier, among other things, offers a fantastic opportunity to have Infinite Third perform for you remotely over Skype. Not too bad.

In a world where everyone wants to be the next big pop star, it’s sometimes hard to find real lover’s of music that just want to explore the possibilities of sound. I think Infinite Third is one of those artists though. Give his work a list and if you enjoy make sure to support his project.

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