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Published on March 18th, 2013 | by Kris


Crowdfunding Corner: Brother and Company

I mentioned in previous posts that I am not the biggest fan of new rock.  I mean, I was and feel like I am still a really big fan of rock music in general.   However, I just can’t seem to a find a rock song that really grasps me now-a-days.  Something that, even on the first listen, captures my attention and sticks in my mind.  So, as you can imagine, I was really excited when I came across the Brother and Company kickstarter campaign for the album Unknow You; more specifically the single “Still Love”.

This song has all of the qualities that I look for when trying to identify an awesome track.  First is the melody.  This is a very solid acoustic and percussion driven melody that while slightly subdued, is not boring.  It doesn’t over power but yet it moves enough that the track feels engaging.  My personal favorite was the bass line (yes yes, again).  As soon as it kicks in, my head is automatically nodding.  It’s the simple and natural reaction that tells me I am listening to a winner.

Secondly, it’s the vocals.  Separate from the lyrics, I really feel like the sound of the artist’s voice needs to match with the sounds of the instruments.  This is very much the case here as the vocals are very much toned down.  They also seem like they would be too quiet; inaudible.   Far from it though, as each lyric comes out crisp and clear.  Further on to that, this is definitely a song with some feeling.  It’s about an ending relationship and perhaps the type of conversation that would occur in the last stages.  I think there is something here that everyone could relate to.

Overall, it’s the perfect package.  If this is the type of work that the Boston based band is looking to deliver, I think you should be on board.  Organized by twin brothers Joshua and John, the project seems like very much a serious endeavor.  Claiming inspiration from bands like Dire Straits, Sonic Youth and George Winston, the duo are trying to really put together a quality sounding album.  Their initial recordings are complete and they are looking for help in terms of the mixing and marketing.

The campaign is generally well designed.  It has a modest goal of $3000, which really makes sense.  Simpler goals are much easier to fund.  Rewards are fairly simple as well, with the album being available at the $10 tier and a whole bunch of swag (including buttons!!!) being available at the top tier of $125.  It would be interesting to see if this approach will give the brothers a better chance at success.

Regardless, in this case I truly feel that music speaks for itself.  Go out and support Brother and Company today.  25 days to go.

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