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Published on May 29th, 2013 | by mark


Paradise: Berners New Burner Has Got Me Feeling That 1980’s Vibe

Berner, a newer microphone checker has got some skill and an innate ability to tag team with industry heavy weights. Wiz Khalifa is featured on this 3 minute and 19 second, Phil Collins “Another Day In Paradise” tinged track. The classic from 1989′s album entitled, But Seriously, Phil had inspired a generation of 1980′s babies with this classic tune. Apparently, hip-hop fans grew up listening to some awesome talents. This notion goes hand in hand with the idea that music is something that knows no boundaries. Not just commercially successful, I believe this song struck a cord with people emotionally, verbally in its message and its ability to make people reflect. As hip-hop is a spoken word art form and unlike singing, an artists voice is second to the lyrical content, the reverse can be said for hip-hop. The lyrical content here is braggadocios and machismo laced but the emotional drive of Phil’s musical opus helps focus this song. I am not the biggest fan of a lot of the content but it does the trick as the beat is just too big and amazing. My unofficial anthem for the summer, a big thumbs up for using Mr. Collins’ greatest work as a solo act and a kudos to Wiz for being very effective on a guest verse. Well done Berner!

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