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Powder My Noise is a collection of diverse individuals brought together because of their love of music.  Our goal is to share our love and appreciation for all types of music with all of you.  Let us do all the leg work, find that elusive new sound, and bring it to your ears.  We will also write about the music topics that matter to you.  We are your one stop.  No matter your mood, no matter your style, we will have something for you.

Artists, like the title says, let us Powder Your Noise.  Submit your works to us.  We will ensure that every one of our reviews is given the necessary time and care.  We understand the hard work and passion you put into everything that you do.  Our reviews will be fair and thorough enough to respect all of that hard work.

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Please leave us your feedback.  This includes general recommendations for the site, suggestions for topics for us to cover, genres of music we have not featured, or anything else that sticks out in your mind.  Please send all of your feedback to feedback at

And, if you’re an artist/band looking for a review/interview/instant fame, hit us up on our submission page.

Our staff include:


Kris “Music for the common man” aka “Big Panda”

Kris is Polish born, Canadian raised, IT professional that needs music to maintain his sanity.  Music has played a role in his whole life.  From acoustic guitar lessons at the age of 12, to playing the electric bass for his highschool jazz band, Kris’s life has been always paired with some form of soundtrack.  His music taste varies drastically and it’s not uncommon to see him rocking out to hard rock, hip hop, celtic, new age, and 50s classics (sometimes all in the same day).  His main contributions to the site include reviews, soundtrack features, general music articles, and random rants in the comments sections of our other authors.

* * * * *


 Kyle1637 “The Angry Hip-Hop Head”

Kyle is the angry hip-hop head. A long time fan of underground hip-hop and wearing a backpack to places that aren’t high school. But overall a fan of good music including 70’s soul, the indie rock/electronica scene, Portishead, and maybe a few things or two on the radio….. maybe.

* * * * *


Crystal “The Chronic Listener”

As a Candian born to West Indian parents, music has always been a major influence in Crystal’s life. She is a Medical Laboratory Technician by day and an avid seeker of new artists of differing sounds by night. Growing up, her father always ensured there was music in her life. At the age of 7 she began piano lessons until the age of 12, where she then began to play the clarinet. The clarinet stuck with her, eventually playing alongside Kris in their highschool band class. Her love for music is hard to pin down to just a few genres. She believes it is limitless and has a sincere appreciation and ability to embrace all types of music, new and old. “If you don’t feel anything when you first hear a song you’ve never heard before, then your not listening”.

* * * * *



Half Italian, half Trinidadian music lover that appreciates many genres but also the history behind the beats. MUSIC SPEAKS TO ME. I have an eclectic style due to cultural differences but also an open mind, which allows me to enjoy just about any musical form. I have taken courses at the university level focusing on genre classification and theory within Jazz, Rock n Roll, Caribbean and African American (Blues, Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop) to name a few. WHEN MUSIC SPEAKS TO ME, I ALWAYS LISTEN. I always enjoy listening to new artists and sounds to discover what is the latest sound capsule for a specific segment in time. It allows me to go back and compare different soundtracks of different generations. I love debates about music, in all, I LOVE MUSIC!

* * * * *

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